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Gjirafa Evolution Timeline
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Gjirafa.com is an Albanian web search Engine with more than 200 million indexed pages. It offers search, vertical search, aggregated news, classified ads and weather.
Gjirafa AdNetwork
GjirafaAdNetwork is an online marketing platform for the Albanian speaking market covering DSP, SSP and DMP.
GjirafaPikBiz is the most extensive business directory in Kosovo and Albania. As a platform it includes more than 80,000 interest points with integrated map, navigation system, 360 street view, booking and chat features.
GjirafaLab is a startup factory for Internet entrepreneurs from the Western Balkans.
Gjirafa50 is the largest online retailer in the region for consumer electronics, offering more than 100,000 unique products from leading global brands.
GjirafaVideo is a direct-to-consumer streaming service with an extensive array of programming that features original movies, TV series, documentaries, Live TV, radio, news, interactive shows, E-sports and more.
GjirafaMall is the largest online marketplace in Kosovo with more than 100 partners, offering more than 200,000 unique products in its catalog.
GjirafaVideo Premium – is a paid plan to access exclusive high quality content, ads free, with an option to download and watch the content offline.
GjirafaStudios is a production house that aims to bring in life the most ambitious media projects including films, series, documentaries and more.
GjirafaKids is a special section of the GjirafaVideo streaming platform that is dedicated to children. This section offers a selection of original content that is curated to cater younger audiences.
TapQuiz – a GjirafaStudios production, is a free interactive quiz, accessible from any smart device, where players can challenge their knowledge, enjoy the interaction, win various rewards and titles.
"Rrushe" is a best-in-class original drama series produced by GjirafaStudios. It is also undoubtedly one of the biggest productions in history for the Albanian-speaking audience.
"Gjirafa50 Masters League" is the largest e-sports competition in South-Eastern Europe. It aims to develop e-sports as a growing industry that belongs alongside traditional sports by continuing to organize state-of-the-art events.
GjirafaTech is an ecosystem of cloud products that drive growth and transformation for media companies in the digital realm. It offers purpose-built capabilities that help customers by enhancing flexibility, efficiency and scalability.
Gjirafa Travel (formerly GjirafaBus) Is an online service to find bus timetables and to purchase bus tickets online.
Joy from GjirafaMall
Joy from GjirafaMall is a novel initiative that is being introduced by Gjirafa to the region’s Internet economy. This program is a free and easy way to help underfunded philanthropic causes. Through this initiative, our customers can support charitable organizations at no additional cost.
LIFE from Gjirafa
LIFE from Gjirafa is an education technology institute designed to build software engineers with leadership attributes.

Facts about Gjirafa

01 Gjirafa is one of the fastest growing Internet Services companies in Central Europe.
02 Gjirafa is one of the most well-funded tech startups in Europe.
03 Gjirafa50 is the biggest online retailer in the region.
04 Gjirafa50 launched in November 2016 with 50 unique products in its inventory.
05 GjirafaMall offers a selection of more than 160,000 products.
06 GjirafaMall has a live chat average response rate of 29 seconds.
07 Gjirafa AdNetwork facilitates targeted promotion to Albanian speaking audiences consisting of more than 10 million people.
08 GjirafaVideo streams more than 100 active channels, as well as exclusive original content produced by Gjirafa Studios.
09 Gjirafa Masters League Season 2 amassed a viewership of up to 20k concurrent users for over 12 hours per day.